Fell + Cole

Almost every day these past few weeks has made the news for its record-breaking temperatures. Korea is sweltering.

So what does this mean? A lot of ice cream. I’ve never eaten this much ice cream on a daily basis in my life. So it goes.

On Saturday, we decided we had to try one of the best known ice cream joints in all of Seoul. Fell + Cole is famous for its creative and ultra-Korean flavors. Be warned – they come at a pretty penny.


See how sunny it is?

They have a rotating menu of 12 flavors, and the distinctly Korean flavors are Perilla Leaf (a popular minty-leaf used in Korean cooking), Chestnut Makgeolli (a nutty carbonated rice-wine), Pu-erh Tea (a Chinese tea that is popular in Korea), and Roasted Soybean with Rice Syrup. Other fun ones to try are Blueberry Cream Cheese, Grapefruit Redwine, Vegan Carrot Cake, and Deonjang Carmel with Salt. And they have multiple vegan options, as you can see below!

Flavors of the day!
“V” marks the Vegan options!

The single scoops are about 5,000 WON and a double is about 9,000 WON. Bowls, not cones! We got two doubles – Cain got Pu-erh Tea with Blueberry Cream Cheese and I got Chestnut Makgeolli with Doenjang Carmel. My flavor combination was a great choice and something I totally recommend! The two ice creams made a great flavor palate when they melted together!

The store has tons of cool art and lots (and I mean lots) of K-Pop decorations. It’s a quaint hang-out with lots of girls chatting over delicious looking drinks and taking selfies with their ice cream.

There is limited seating (like 5 small tables), so you might have to take your treats outside.

This ice cream is pricey, but pretty darn good! It definitely has some of the coolest flavors we’ve seen thus far. If you’re in the Hongdae / Mapo area, it is definitely worth checking out! Don’t sleep on the Perilla Leaf though, I totally regret not getting it!

Address :

39-21, Wausan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul


Fell + Cole is a short walk from Sangsu station, exit 1. There are a maze of alleyways, so you might get turned around. Once you leave exit 1, make a U-turn, turn left, and then left again at the first alley filled with restaurants.


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