Chinese Dumplings

“Hello, I am sorry but we only serve dumplings” he said apologetically.

Linus ‘Bama BBQ

 Linus ‘Bama BBQ is named after its owner, Linus Kim, who clearly has spent time in Alabama paying his dues.  

Wood-Fired BBQ

My big life lesson of the night came in the form of a steaming sweet potato.


A simple dish, examined closely and elevated in vividness and intensity, one hundred times a day, six times a week. 

Fell + Cole

Fell + Cole is famous for its creative and ultra-Korean flavors. Be warned – they come at a pretty penny.

Samgyetang: Fighting Fire with Fire

Koreans live on a peninsula that is called “the shrimp between two whales.” Korea is called the shrimp because a majority of the small peninsula’s history has been spent thwarting Chinese and Japanese aggression. This situation has ensured that Koreans are a scrappy bunch, something reflected in the Korean proverb “iyeolchiyeol” (이열치열) or “fight fire…

North Korean Noodles

I felt the volcano rumble and I looked up to see the giant face of the supreme leader himself peeking down at me. He smacked his big, murderous lips and stuck his chopsticks into the chilled broth.