Muwol Table

Outside of Gangnam station there is an endless array of temptations. Local and international chains, well to-do restaurants, bars and arcades, movie theaters, sex shops, designer brands, etc. Finding a place to eat shouldn’t be difficult, but the overwhelming amount of options can leave you wandering with eyes bigger than your indecisive stomach.

We ended a Sunday night in Gangnam at Muwol Table, after peeking at menus for five blocks. What lured us in? Hip presentation at a great price. Each tray set is under 12,000 WON, and is a wonderful combination of flavors

They have both Korean and English menus, and some of the servers speak English as well! Based on the pictures, we ordered the Korean Oriental Boiled-Pork Barbecue (#1) and A Bowl of Rice with Soy-Sauce Shrimp (#2), though there is a solid selection of dishes and pasta.

IMG_3686#1 (on the left) was a combination of trotters, perilla leaves, rice, dipping sauce, and veggies. #2 was a combination of large prawns (served with scissors), rice with fish eggs and a raw egg, anchovies, and other sauces and veggies.We preferred #1 as eating #2 was a bit messy. Both came with an appetizing seaweed soup, as well!

Trendy and chic, this place was buzzing with couples and BFFs sharing trays and chatting over beer. And that is exactly what we did, too! Go with friends and you have a huge variety of dishes to sample! With a brick-exposed wall and industrial lighting, the atmosphere is perfect for a date or a long conversation with friends.

In a neighborhood of cheap fried chicken and expensive international cuisine, Muwol Table is a must-eat for the trendy eater on a budget.


This restaurant in a short walk from Gangnam station, exit 11. Turn right at the CGV movie theater and walk uphill. It will be on your left after the Mexican restaurant.


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