Very Berry French Toast at Café 413 Project

On Saturday I attended a meet-up with some expat girls in Seoul. I was looking forward to socializing, but I had no idea that I was about to order a big plate of heaven.

Café 413 Project was buzzing with brunch goers, and is the perfect place for an instagrammable meal. Groups of girlfriends and put-together couples shared their western-style breakfast amid selfies and laughter.


Now, to be totally honest, I haven’t had this much bread at one time since I left America in February. And I haven’t had french toast since then either. So maybe it was the complete absence of french toast in my life that made this plate so much more delicious. I was expecting small, flat pieces of sugar-soaked bread for 14,000 WON, but I got so much more than that.

Four pieces of huge, fluffy bread were served with freshly made whipped cream, a healthy drizzle of syrup, and four different kinds of berries (all within the same color-palette). Was my stomach aching later? Yes. Would I order this again? Yes.

If you are looking for a slice (or four) of indulgence for brunch in Seoul, check this place out. They also served an assortment of other brunch items, including pancakes, omelets, banana bread pudding, and so many more things that will rot your teeth.


Café 413 Project is a short walk from Yeoksam station, exit 6.


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