If You’re Melting, Eat This

I was a bit resistant to the idea of eating Mango Shaved Ice at 11:00am, but with the heat and humidity Korea brings in the summer, I caved. After walking through the crowded train station and onto the glaring pavement, I was already cranky and ready to escape into air conditioning. Did I regret eating dessert before lunch? Absolutely not.

Me and Cain stopped in at Hikoco Coffee, on a Saturday for a cool beverage and treat before we headed to the COEX 2018 Korea International Ramen Fair. Hikoco Coffee is a Korean chain, with stores throughout the major areas of Seoul.

Neither of us had been there before, but it was a nicely laid out cafe, and the shaved ice options were mouth-watering. Traditional Red Bean, Strawberry Cheesecake, Green Tea Oreo, and Mango are their four seasonal options. We also ordered two iced Americanos, cause why not.


Shaved Ice, or bingsu, is a super popular dessert in East Asia, and the prices typically start at 4000 WON in Korea for the traditional red bean version (or patbingsu). We paid about 9000 WON for the dish pictured above. There are many variations of shaved ice throughout Asia, and this was my first time trying any of them!

Slices of mango, vanilla ice cream, gooey rice cakes, and rich cream were served upon a bed of shaved ice. Within the first few bites of sugary goodness me and Cain were less cranky, less hot, and more likely to have a nice day together.

The Iced Americano was delicious, and Hikoco Coffee even roasts coffee for sale along with instant coffee mixes and merchandise. For a quality brew, I definitely recommend it. It was a popular hangout for students, and we saw a couple large study groups setting up shop.

So do yourself a favor, if you are in Korea in the summer eat as much shaved ice as you can and regret nothing!


This location is right outside of Gangnam Station, exit 10. About a one to two minute walk!

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  1. Why aren’t you two hugely fat? You seem to be consuming a lot of delicious looking food! haha Lucky you!


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