A Beautiful Cup of Tea at Beautiful Tea Museum

Upon entering the Beautiful Tea Museum (아름다운 차박물관) the blaring horns and roaring engines of Seoul suddenly cease. It is a wonderful and well-known tea house to enjoy a cup or two of carefully made tea.

The tea house is divided into three sections; one is a store where you can purchase gorgeous porcelain tea sets and quality tea, one is a small museum of tea and brewing processes, and the other is the elegant café peppered with large shrubs and greenery.

The menu is in Korean, English, and Japanese, and the service is friendly and careful. We ordered a pot of the Chrysanthemum tea.


Tea here is served as medicine, and the soothing Chrysanthemum tea is prescribed to those suffering from nerves, acne, or a weak immune system. After recently arriving in Korea, a nerve-soothing tea seemed to be a most suitable choice!

The server demonstrated the brewing process to us, and then we took it from there. First, we poured the boiling water into a small tea pot filled with Chrysanthemums. We then put on a glass lid and held it in place while the tea steeped for one minute. Now it was time to carefully pour the tea into a larger vessel. Finally, we were able to pour the tea into the small cups to enjoy. It is a calming process that prepares you to really slow down and appreciate the tea.


We had a nice time drinking in pleasant silence, watching the little fish swim around at the bottom of our cups.

IMG_9125 2

With an expansive menu of over 100 kinds of teas, each with its own brewing process,  Beautiful Tea Museum is an oasis for tea-lovers, whether locals or foreign visitors.

You can learn more about The Beautiful Tea Museum at the Korean Tourism Organization website.


Beautiful Tea Museum is a short walk from Anguk Station, exit 6.

Address – 19-11, Insa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul-si
서울특별시 종로구 인사동길 19-11 (인사동)

Telephone – (82)-2-735-6678

Website – www.tmuseum.co.kr

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  1. Becky Wiggins says:

    I could almost smell the aroma of the tea. The color was so subtle and soothing looking. I wish I could taste it!

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