Wine Kiki

We did not plan to go here. In fact, the only reason we ended up here was because the Hannibal Buress pop-up comedy show sold out while we were waiting in line. Before  taking the subway for an hour to get back to the southern suburb we call home, we decided to indulge in a bottle of chilled wine at 와인키키 (WINEKIKI CAFE & LOUNGE.)


We have seen quite a few wine bars throughout the more affluent areas of Seoul, but none for such a reasonable price, or with such a cozy atmosphere. The place was dimly lit, mostly by the pink fluorescent sign. The lighting is great if you want to add a Blade Runner feel to your Instagram. There were small groups of trendsetting girls loudly chatting and laughing, occasionally taking a smoke break outside.

Comfy chairs and couches are grouped together around candle-lit tables, with plenty of blankets to snuggle-up under and people-watch.

Wine by the glass started at about 7,000 WON, and bottles began at about 30,000 WON. If you live in Korea, you know that wine is not cheap. And if its cheap, its not good. There is not such thing as $3.00 Moscato, and the Yellow Tail bottles are double the American price.

There is a valuable sweet-to-dry ranking system in the large menu, both in English and Korean. We chose a sweet white wine, and it was served in an ice bucket to keep it chill.


They serve an assortment of snacks and small dishes, but ordering food is not required (unlike many Korean bars). We can’t vouch for the tastiness of the dishes, as we just had a bottle of wine.

WINE KIKI is in the Hongdae area, and is a great place to hang out with friends if you are looking for something outside the usual soju (소주) and maekju (맥주) combo, albeit a bit more expensive.


WINE KIKI is a short walk from Hapjeong station, exit 3.

Address : 399-14 Seogydong, Mapo-gu, Seoul.

Telephone: 02-6104-4177

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